This is much more than just a foot massage.  Using pressure points on the feet, corresponding to different parts, organs and systems of the body, reflexologists work on the premise that pressing these areas or zones, creates real benefits for the person's health. 

Reflexology Session - Tara Buckel

During a reflexology session with me, I encourage my clients to decide on what they wish to gain from the treatment and as I access the thousands of nerve endings on their feet with gentle pressure, deep relaxation and comfort is the focus in a warm comfortable environment and hypnotic soothing music.   As a reflexologist, I use a foot map to guide my work, such as the reflexology chart.  The left foot corresponds to the organs found on the left side of the body and the right foot to the organs on the right side.  

The belief behind Reflexology is to correct any imbalances in the body.   This is a clothed treatment used very effectively by many for stress-related issues as it encourages you to enter into a deep state of relaxation allowing the body to stimulate its own healing.

Reflexology Chart

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