Meditation - The Beginning

"As I sit in the chair and close my eyes, Tara takes my hand and guides me on a journey. I am given a "breathing" toolbox and permission to travel without guilt. My body becomes soft, and my manic racing brain begins to slow and meander. The pressures of the outside world recede, it is insular and I am cocooned. Upon arrivals I am unburdened of luggage, I feel lighter, I am stronger, the path in front of me is straight and uncomplicated"

Client comment after meditation session

Right now is always the best time to start, and this programme is perfect for the times we are living in.  It’s designed to equip you with tools that will support you to find a calm space to switch off and reboot your headspace.  This is a very user-friendly programme for newcomers and those who wish to go back to the foundations of meditation.  

The sessions are one to one so we can tailor a visualisation meditation to you as well as enabling you to feel confident and relaxed so you can achieve everything you request from this programme.

It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed with life, more so in these times of uncertainty.  As well as exploring the possibility of ‘stopping the world for a few moments’ you will get to spend some time with a therapist who is there to support you to get everything you can from these sessions.

Book now to join me for this 2 session programme to learn simple and effective ways to build a toolkit to let go of emotional, mental and physical tensions you may be currently experiencing.  

The Programme includes:

A written guide:

An introduction explaining the first steps, the basics of relaxation and meditation.

Two weekly live sessions: 

(Currently, on zoom) the one to one meetups with me will support and safely guide you through the meditation process. Live sessions last approx 45/60 mins and will include a check-in with you regarding your needs from the session.  We will also discuss recognising cues for stress and anxieties and how you can build meditation and other relaxation skills into your daily life.  

Week one‍

Starting at the very beginning focusing on getting you feeling confident and relaxed using your breathing to slow your mind and settle the body.  Only when you are confident with this, will we move on to the next stage.  

You will receive:

A 10min MP3 introductory meditation focusing on breathing and grounding techniques to use at home. 

A video to help create your own visualisation meditation

Week Two

We will be moving on to creating a relaxation session combining grounding and your visualisation.  Combined with the knowledge and confidence you will be gaining, the guided visualisation is written exclusively for you. We will also discuss ways for you to move forward and strengthen your resilience by using meditation and other relaxation skills in your daily life.  

You will receive:

An (approx.) 20 min MP3 recording of your own, exclusive visualisation to use in your own time.

This programme is currently, live on Zoom - One to one -  £40

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