Therapeutic Massage

This massage is ideal for clients who are struggling with a wide variety of pain issues and am here to advise and support with a treatment plan to move forward. As well as offering a wide range of treatment styles, and knowledge to get the very best out of your massage. This includes working out what depth and style you respond best to. You may need a soothing, flowing massage or slow and deep compressions or maybe a stretching, warming structural massage, each massage and each session is tailored to your needs. For deep work, I use my body weight (when required) There is no pain or discomfort involved in these treatments, I don't prod and pinch into your muscles with my fingers knuckles or elbows to work on 'knots', I keep the massage soft and comfortable as there's no point in going into battle with your body, your muscles will go into protect mode and resist the work. Your body will do what it needs to when it's relaxed enough. This is holistic massage at it's best, it works on the whole of you, not just your body, it’s the perfect treatment to support emotional and mental wellness, including stress and anxiety. This is holistic massage at it's very best.

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