Holistic Facial Massage

The holistic facial massage has a wide variety of benefits not only for the complexion, tone and relaxation.  A facial in my clinic is not led by products, but by you. I use one simple nourishing oil and you get to choose how you want to feel and what areas you want me to focus the session on.  It might be mainly your neck, your shoulders, your head or your face (or, of course, a combination)  

If you request your facial to tone and improve the condition and pallor of your skin, I will use techniques to stimulate specific lymph nodes and gently stimulate the skin to improve the condition and tone.

A facial massage is perfect for those who struggle to switch off as it activates an area of our nervous system that reduces anxiety levels and uplifts our mood due to the hundreds of pressure point that connect various systems in our body. If you totally relax then the whole of you gets the benefit.A release in muscle tension, such as jaws tension due to stress will soothe away tensions that not only feel uncomfortable but will have an impact visibly, releasing tightness and improving the firmness of the skin.  This is also perfect for clients who prefer a clothed massage and those who prefer to lay on their back for a whole session.

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