4 Elements - Meditation

This Meditation programme is focused on the qualities and strengths of nature and takes you on a journey through the 4 Elements - Earth, Water, Fire and Air.  These are deeply soothing meditations to support you to let go of stress, anxiety and tension enabling you to feel rested, soothed and more resilient.   The premise behind this programme is strength and balance.  We all tend to identify more strongly with one of these elements but when we fall out of balance, it will affect us in various ways.

This meditation programme simply helps us to realign, reboot, refresh...which ever way you prefer to look at it.   As well as exploring the possibility of ‘stopping the world for a few moments’ you will get to spend some time with a therapist who is there to support you to get everything you can from these sessions. There's a real beauty and power in each meditation.  I am here to support you to use it to receive whatever you need from each of the elements.  Connection, Flow, Energy and Space.  Or as a sense of elemental rebalance.

The Earth Element. You may be feeling disconnected from yourself or the world around you. Or feeling a lack of support & stability. 

Water.  Lack of water energy is caused by stress and lack of touch... sound familiar? You may be feeling tense, tight and uneasy.

Fire.  The expansion and flow of energy. Classic signs of lack of fire energy include structural tension...often in the shoulder, back and neck. 

Air.  If you are feeling burned out or depleted, you are in need of the calm and stillness of the air element.

Do you need a balance of them all, or are you lacking one specific element? 

What the programme includes‍:

4 weekly live sessions with me  (currently on zoom) to support and safely guide you through the meditation process.  Each session will include a check-in with you and techniques to receive what you wish from your meditation and how to continue your practice at home.

What you will receive:

A guide to each Element -

Includes affirmations to increase your awareness and the benefits of the energy and wisdom of each element. 

An audio version of each meditation following each session to use in your own time.  

Programme Options:

1 to 1 -  You may wish to work with me to explore your individual needs within these sessions, the 4 Elements are a great way to explore and develop self-awareness.  

£20 per session. Session times 45-60mins.

Book with a friend - This is a great way to connect with a friend and learn something new together.  Gift it to them... or split the cost.

£20 per session.  Session times 45-60mins.

Group - A way to explore something new and to connect with others.  You can book with 3 friends or use it as an opportunity to meet new people.  

(Groups are limited to 4 people)

£5 each session.  Session times 45-60mins.

Programme fee to be paid in advance.

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