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What People Are Saying About Meditation With Tara

"As I sit in the chair and close my eyes, Tara takes my hand and guides me on a journey. I am given a "breathing" toolbox and permission to travel without guilt. My body becomes soft, and my manic racing brain begins to slow and meander. The pressures of the outside world recede, it is insular and I am cocooned. Upon arrivals I am unburdened of luggage, I feel lighter, I am stronger, the path in front of me is straight and uncomplicated"
J.H. Feb 2021

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Child sitting on beach in front of driftwood den.
(c) Therapy Room Annan

The Beginning

Right now is always a good time to start, and this programme is perfect for the times we are living in.  It’s designed to equip you with tools that will support you to find a calm space to switch off and reboot your headspace.

It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed with life, more so in these times of uncertainty.  As well as exploring the possibility of ‘stopping the world for a few moments’ you will get to spend some time with a therapist who is there to support you to get the very most you can from these sessions.

This is a very user-friendly programme for newcomers and those who wish to go back to the foundations of meditation.

Book now to join me for this  2 session programme to learn simple and effective ways to build a toolkit to let go of emotional, mental and physical tensions you may be currently experiencing.  

The Programme:
A guide and introduction explaining the basics.
Two weekly live sessions, one to one on zoom with me to support and safely guide you through the meditation process. Live sessions last approx 45/60 mins.

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four images for 4 Elements meditation. earth, water, fire, air.
(c) Therapy Room Annan

The 4 Elements Meditation Programme.

Book now to join me for my second programme to support you to improve any emotional, mental and physical tensions you are currently experiencing.   

This time, the sessions enable you to focus on the nature and qualities of the 4 Elements.

Each week I  will guide you through a deeply soothing visualisation to support you to let go of stress, anxiety and tension enabling you to feel rested, soothed and more resilient.  

What the programme includes

  • 4 weekly live sessions on zoom with me to support and safely guide you through the meditation process. A guide and introduction explaining the basics. 
  • A 10min MP3 introductory meditation focusing on breathing and grounding techniques to use at home. 
  • A guide to each Element which includes affirmations to increase your awareness of the energy and wisdom from these elements and how you can benefit from them.
  • An audio version of each meditation following each session to use in your own time.