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Brief Transactional Analysis

The resilient Mind

Tara Buckel. Massage Therapist


The beginning of the first lockdown way back in March 2020 feels much longer ago.  What a year 2020 turned out to be.  When Coronavirus was first mentioned on the news at the beginning, who knew how it would shape our lives.  We all have our own stories regarding the impact CV19 has had on us.  At the very beginning of lockdown, like many people, initially, fear hit me like a sledgehammer.

How would my family cope If I became unwell?  

How would I cope if my family got ill?  

I spent hours watching endless news reports, had long sleepless nights and bizarre unsettling nightmares.  My husband and I are both self employed with businesses that had no choice but to close, but before anxiety really took hold, I made the decision to not worry myself sick about what I had no control over.  I needed to focus on keeping myself and my family well. We walked and walked miles in the glorious sunshine, I batch cooked nutritious food, we transformed our garden, added a tiny gym to our workshop and converted a storeroom into the office where I am sitting right now.  I focused on keeping healthy and I also continued with my learning. And this email is about that because what I have learned has transformed my ability to cope with these difficult times….
Not so long ago, as part of my NO HANDS training, I branched out into the more psychological side of things through learning how to build resilience with Trauma Discharge Therapy, a treatment that many of you are discovering for yourselves and are loving. I continued this journey by enrolling on an accredited psychotherapy training and what I have learned has helped me so much, I just had to share some of it with you.  

I have been blown away by the results.

Take a look at this 'RESILIENCE SPECTRUM’. It’s a really simple and practical way to monitor how you are doing. With all that I have learned I've been able to shift myself up the spectrum several notches.

The Resilience Scale.

(Download below)

As part of my training, I can offer you a 40 minute ‘FREE RESILIENCE ANALYSIS’ session to identify where you are on it, and what sort of things you could do to help yourself move up it.

I can only offer spaces to a handful of people so, if you are interested let me know before Monday 31st August.

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Download of Resilience Scale

Download the Resilience Scale