How to get the very best out of your first treatment.

I want you to get the best you can out of every treatment you have with me.  Even on your very first session, when we've just met in person.  Massage should be an enjoyable and positive experience, but if you’re new to it, you may well be a little apprehensive, or even nervous.  I highly recommend we arrange a phone call, a free specialised consultation which will enhance your session.  I can start the process of assessing your needs, you can ask any questions you may have and it gives us the chance to get to know each other and decide if we feel we can work together. If you are unsure if massage is safe for you to receive we can discuss that.  If I feel that massage is unsafe for you, or I feel we need to find out more about your pain or condition before we go ahead with treatment, I will suggest you speak with your healthcare provider first.

You are under no obligation, but if you choose to book, it's really easy to use my online booking system and select an appointment time that works for you.  Payment is required on booking and you will receive all the information you require via email, including terms and conditions and appointment reminders.

If you are driving to your appointment, I advise you to arrive a couple of minutes before your session time, just in case there are any delays.  It can be an uncomfortable feeling turning up flustered for your massage appointment when you have booked a session to relax and let go of tension.  Parking is freely available across the road, although there may be the odd occasion when you may need to park a couple of minutes away from my clinic.

At your session time, ring the doorbell and I will greet you.   There are a couple of wide steps at my front door, but my clinic is easily accessible and located on the ground floor.  I will require you to remove your shoes at my clinic door as it is a barefoot area.  

We will probably chat for a few moments as we fill in your consultation form.  We will discuss what you want to achieve from your sessions overall, as well as this specific treatment.  I offer a wide range of skills and each treatment is tailored to your needs, in fact every treatment will be a different experience.  I advise you to arrive in easy fitting comfortable clothing.  Your hair may well get a little oily, especially if you are requiring work into the neck area.  If you are uncomfortable undressing, I can do a clothed massage.  

When we have a clear outline in regard to your treatment, I will talk briefly about how to get the very best from your time on the massage table.  I will check if you are comfortable to go ahead with the massage, that the room is the right temperature for you and ask if you have any questions.  I will leave you for a few moments to prep/undress and get on the massage table.  

I don’t re-enter the room until you are on the table and covered by the towel or sheet.  I select music that fits with the ambience of the treatment and check in with you that you are ready for me to progress with starting the treatment.  

I encourage you to tell me if you need me to change something, you might need the heating turned up, or different music. The only time I talk throughout a treatment is to check all is well with you.  I want you to get the very best from your session.  To achieve what you want from your treatment requires a specific mindset and I will support you and encourage you to find what works for you.  Once you achieve this, you will get amazing outcomes from your session, and with time, this will feel like second nature to you.

When your treatment is complete, I will let you know I am leaving the room for a few minutes.  We will already have discussed that I want you to take your time on the table.  Rushing to leave after your massage is going to reduce the effectiveness of your session.  You need to focus on what you are noticing post-treatment, or you will promptly return to where you were before you arrived.  I always advise a treatment plan, and that will vary according to your needs.  One session feels amazing, but to make an impact on your health, massage, like healthy eating or fitness, is required regularly.  

When you are up and dressed, I will come back in and we will close the session with a conversation about how you are feeling.  You will probably want to take your time and I actively encourage you to do just that.  

Many of my clients have a preferred time to come for their session and will build their day around it.  Some (like me) prefer a morning treatment so they can spend the whole day focused on their treatment and that just massaged feeling.  Others book their session later in the evening on a day off and will prep with the mindset of needing to do absolutely nothing after their treatment.  And others book their treatment deliberately after a long working day, or after a sports event/workout so they really feel the reward of their massage.  

Currently, there are additional procedures due to covid guidelines.  These will be sent to you on booking.

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