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About tara

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Tara Buckel. Massage Therapist

My training as a holistic therapist started overtwenty years ago.  For me, being a therapist is as much about allowing people to feel as comfortable and as at ease as possible as soon as they walk in to my clinic. Massage or reflexology might be why they book to see me, but they are only going to get a great treatment if they feel happy enough to have a conversation with me, take a few breaths, slow down and find their space before they get on the table for their treatment.

"It is important as a therapist to remember massage is not about knots and specific muscle groups, but about people"

I opened The Therapy Room six years ago.  Massage is my real passion and I take my ongoing training and professional development very seriously.  I trained in NO HANDS massage in 2013 which has become a game changer for both me as a therapist and my business in general. I continuously update my knowledge in my modalities and have regular one to one support sessions to increase my depth of knowledge. I have also trained at The Christie in Manchester to adapt massage for hospices and cancercare. I get plenty of massage myself, which I believe is essential as a massage therapist.  I don’t specialise in one type of client or condition.  I feel it is important to remember massage is not about knots and specific muscle groups, but about people, everyone of them different.  They may come for their first session with a stiff and sore shoulder, but my job is to let them unravel and let go of what they need to in their own way. I have lots of clients with chronic health conditions and I love being part of the support network on their journey to manage their condition.  This year I have taken the role as the holistic therapist for the Dumfries Multiple Sclerosis Society Support Group and have a clinic with them two days a month at an NHS clinic in Dumfries.

Tara and the kids kicking back at a festival

I have two children, one has Aspergers and ADHD, so stress and anxiety is no stranger to my homelife.  We also have a b&b, so life can get pretty hectic and maintaining a balance can be challenging.  

Tara in our bell tent set up for massage

I originally went to art school, I trained as a costume maker and worked in professional theatre in my 20’s which I thought would be my dream job, but it really didn’t fit for me.  I still enjoy being creative and I am loving finding ways to bring that element of me into my business.  Like many, I find it difficult to dedicate time and energy into this side of my life, but I believe we have to do what makes us tick.  I make and create when iI have the chance, I go to theatre and music events and I annoy my kids on family walks and days out by taking (way too many) photographs. 

We love to get out and explore and have a beautiful bell tent which I also use as my base when massaging at music festivals.  This past year I have drastically changed my diet due to illness and am loving discovering taking food back to the basics and focusing on plant based eating.  

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